Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Take Two

Well there I was, almost a year ago now, laid off, depressed, but things were starting to get better.  I had a new boyfriend who I was definitely in love with, but I still had nothing to write about.  Further, I didn't want anyone reading about the old me, depressed me, wah wah me.  So I decided to stop writing.  And I decided to wipe the contents of this blog forever and ever, amen. 

It was my way of turning over a new leaf I suppose.  Sometimes I regret erasing everything, but mostly, I don't.  I exist on an entirely different plane now.  Happier, mostly healthier (I run y' in races and shit!) just different.  Things have changed SO much.  But I kept missing this space.  Missing writing, reading, commenting.  So at The Boyfriend's urging, I've decided to start over again.  Yes, I said HIS encouragement.  About damn time I met a good one! 

I even love that I'm starting over.  Reflects how I feel about my place in life right now.  Starting over...brand new.  So much going on...try to keep up! And please forgive me because I'm about to hit the "mark all read" button in my reader and start that over too! I know I'll be behind the curve but I promise to catch up with everyone.  So glad to be back in my "home"!  Hopefully someone other than just my Mom (Hi Mom!) will see this.  Either way it's good to be back.


Anonymous said...

I'm seeing it! And I'm encouraged to hear of good changes!

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

Good to have you back here :)